Visual demos to get you running fast.


Signing Up For Enterprise Billing

Your email address is pre-registered in the system. Once you receive the onboarding email, you can create an account and log in with your company email. You will automatically get access to the upgraded plan.

Signing Up

You can create and account via social authentication (Google, Facebook), or manually via your email and password.

Logging In (Chrome Extension)

Click login from the Chrome Extension, redirect to the Web App, log into the Web App and your Chrome Extension will automatically be authenticated.


Search Company

You can do an open-ended search to search for companies data. Data are scrapped from the aggregated web.

Search Location

You can search for companies by industry type within a physical distance from your location, this will be useful for the sales person.

Search Domain

You can search for emails on the web that is attributed to the domain. Accurate and overarching method of email hunting.

Search Name

Direct search on the email of the individual, via the first name, last name and the domain the user is based on.

Verify Email Address

This is the 101 feature of email hunting. The most important tab is to ensure that the Email Status is green and valid.


Applying Coupon Code

If you have a coupon code, you can validate it on the checkout page.

Making Payment

Make a credit card payment and the upgrade plan type will be reflected on your account page immediately.