Email Discovery Tool

A desktop research tool for searching emails, companies and people globally - enriched with geolocation and news data.

A convenience wrapper for aggregated business data on the web. If your business does outbound work, you can benefit from it.

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Email Discovery Tool is used by multinational corporations, and small and medium-sized enterprises globally.

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Learn how you can lead gen for your outbound sales & marketing, and how you can do it with EDT.

Email Discovery Tool

Search up business intelligence on companies, personnels and emails across the web. For you to do thoughtful, personalized outreach, with business, geolocation and news intelligence.

Useful for you

  • Email hunting and verification service
  • Search up public business intelligence quickly
  • Engage with almost anyone on the web
  • High ROI sales hunting method
  • Increase your sales funnel with high-quality leads
  • Save time identifying and prospecting targets
  • Clean up your bulk email marketing lists for deliverability


Increase your sales growth by making your email outbound work easy

Enterprise Secured

All data processes are encrypted and adhered to security best practices.

Private & Confidential

Your search activities are confidential and not exposed to any third party.

Saves Time

Get verified and probable emails in one click and end the iterative guessing game.

Increase Engagement

Choose who you want to engage in a highly targeted manner.

Fetch Curated Business and Social Media News

Increase conversion by fetching curated business and social intelligence on your prospect for personalization messaging.

Increase Marketing Funnelling

Get emails to put into your marketing automation tools.

Grow B2B Sales

Have a steady pipeline of lines into your B2B funnel.

Bulk verify your email marketing lists

Fast and powerful, able to handle lists i.e. above 100k emails easily

Increase Email Deliverability

Verify that the email is likely to deliver first and protect your email IP reputation.

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