Imagine the possibilities if you can reach out to any person on the web.

Here is a cheat sheet to get you started on leveraging Email Discovery Tool for your outbound work, both standard and tricky cases on email hunting will be demonstrated.

1) Generate a list of companies (Search Geolocation)

Many times, you just want to sell. However, you don't have the names of the company or people in mind. Usual ways people go about this is to (1) purchase leads from a database reseller - however, the accuracy and timeliness of the data come into question, (2) or go for paid ads - the audience demographics might not be as targeted as intended and can be expensive for B2B targeting which requires nurturing over time.

Search Geolocation is useful for cases like this. You can run it as a batch process. For example, you decide for this week, you want to sell to software companies. You focus on reading up on all the latest software news which you can use to interface with your clients. Through the platform, you can generate a list of companies within a physical distance i.e. 1km from where you want to batch prospect, and also with the specified business type.

With the company names, you can search them up in the Search Company page for the list of company managers whom you might want to speak to, you then fetch the verified emails from there.

2) Search for decision-makers of the company (Search Company)

The search field is an open-ended search into our database. For example, you can search for:

  1. apple marketing singapore (search for department personnel of a company)
  2. finance director singapore (search for a specified department role within a country)
  3. tan ah kao singapore (direct search for an individual)

Within the row of the person, the domain for the person company is generated automatically. In some cases, the actual domain might be different, for reasons. In this case, you override the domain by setting it correctly. Ensure that the domain is correct before requesting to fetch the domain.

Also, from this page, you can open up the actual LinkedIn profile for the individual. You might be able to get more information, for example, the full name of the individual via the LinkedIn URL.

Across your email hunting, you may encounter responses that return Catch-All and unable to fetch absolute verified emails. This is a response to how the target's email server is designed. When you see such instance, the next best step is to utilize the Search Domain feature.

3) Get verified emails of the person (Search Name)

This is a direct search on the email of the individual, via the first name, last name and the domain the user is based on. The platform will return all technologically verified emails of the person.

4) Get verified emails of the person (the alternative way - Search Domain)

This is for the many edge cases which the email of the person cannot be verified the standard way (Search Company, or Search Name). In this case, what the feature does is to scrape the web for results relating to the specific domain and return a list of email that contains the domain. The source of the email will be also be shown for citation. The is a live process to ensure the authenticity of the email is current.

This method is also crucial for companies who do not follow the standardise email formats, or SMEs whose managers just adopt a simple, or, rather than named email addresses.

Often, you can reference the info of your target and impose it into the scraped email formats. This is an accurate and overarching solution to email hunting.

5) Verify deliverability of email address

This is the 101 feature of email hunting. The most important tab is to ensure that the Email Status is green and valid.

6) Search for the latest news on the person to personalize your outreach

The platform is hooked onto both business news and social news search. You can search for the latest news on the target and the target's company easily through it. Use it to quickly read up about the industry to demonstrate contextualized information.

If you have any tough email cases to crack, email us and we will help you out with it.