How to create good email marketing design

Many businesses have succeeded in being the most powerful businesses just using good and optimized email marketing, and many others have faced failure and got rescued via the power of email marketing.

According to Mckinsey, emails are 40 times more effective way to acquire customers than social media. So how can we benefit from this powerful tool?

Here we are going to talk about how you could master the contents of email marketing, using good designs.

Once you have built your emails list, it is the time for sending emails. Most people may think that emails are hard to write or that are not that useful because it is hard to make them highly targeted.

Email marketing should be simple, right to the point, and eye-catching.

Design, in general, is the ability to deliver your message with not many words, in the best way. Visuals may sometimes have more effect than words in attracting people differently but lead to the same purpose. However, we are here not denying the power of words but we will focus on designs and visuals. Design is the catching element and when done right it makes the emails enjoyable to browse.

Things to consider when you apply designs in your email marketing:

1) Know your target audience better

Knowing your audience’s age, gender, interests, country, and community is the key to great designs. Great designs for Americans may not be a great design for Asians and designs for females are not the same as for males. Knowing the differences plays a significant rule in making your email marketing in general and your designs specifically highly attractive and provide value to the people.

Some targeted examples from MOO emails:

2) Short, straight foward call-to-action

Call-to-action should be simple and short since you are using designs in your emails, CTA should never be large actionable text and you have to make sure that there is just one CTA.

Try using these verbs on your CTA:

  • Get
  • Try
  • Explore
  • Discover
  • Read

CTA which you should not use:

  • Submit
  • Buy
  • Sign up

Kate Spade's CTA

3) Organized layout

One of the most important things in design is the order and the arrangement of your content. In emails, you should arrange your content in a way that your reader gets the idea from the email. Generally, the first section is your catching phrase or your story that keeps your reader interested to know more.

Good examples from Uber:

4) Typography

The arrangement of types could make wonders. You have to put some effort to choose the typeface that most suitable for your layout and colours.

MadeWell inspirational emails typography:

Using the right email marketing tools

Finally, you need the right tools for a great email marketing. There are many email marketing tools to help with automation, tracking, and the design of your emails.

Here are a few good email marketing tools:

Wrapping up

Putting the time and effort to build a great and quality email list has to be aligned with great email content and the good design can build more subscriber engagement if done correctly.